“Weekly Challenge: A Beginner’s Journey to Completing their First Triathlon on a $600 Budget”

Article: “We Gave A Total Newbie $600 (And Six Weeks) For His First Triathlon”

Main Points:

  • A writer for Triathlete magazine gave a complete beginner six weeks to train for their first triathlon with a budget of $600.
  • They started with assessing the beginner’s strengths and weaknesses and building a training plan around those.
  • The beginner was also outfitted with essential triathlon gear, including a bike, wetsuit, and running shoes.
  • The training plan consisted of swimming, cycling, and running drills to improve technique and endurance.
  • The beginner faced various challenges throughout their training, including injury, but persevered and ultimately completed their first triathlon.
  • The article emphasizes the importance of proper training and preparation for a triathlon, including getting a coach and investing in necessary gear.

Trifindr’s hot take:

This article serves as a valuable reminder that with proper training and preparation, anyone can participate in a triathlon. It’s important to take the time to assess your strengths and weaknesses and build a training plan around them, as well as investing in the necessary gear and potentially seeking out a coach for guidance. Overall, completing a triathlon can be a rewarding experience, even for complete beginners.

Original article:https://www.triathlete.com/gear/we-gave-a-total-newbie-600-and-six-weeks-for-his-first-triathlon/<>

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