“Why the Swim Matters: Olympian Andy Potts’ 5-Day Plan for Triathletes”

Andy Potts on Why the Swim (Still) Matters

Main points:

  • The swim in a triathlon is often neglected but it’s a crucial part of the race.
  • Swimming helps to build endurance, strength, and technique, which are all essential for a successful triathlon.
  • Many triathletes struggle with the swim and may need extra training to become comfortable in the water.
  • Andy Potts, an Olympian and world champion triathlete, provides a five-day plan to help athletes rekindle their focus on the swim.
  • The plan includes swimming drills, technique work, and endurance-building workouts.
  • Potts also recommends working with a coach to improve swimming performance and efficiency.

Trifindr’s hot take:

As triathletes, it’s easy to overlook the importance of the swim leg of the race and focus solely on the cycling and running portions. However, Andy Potts reminds us of the crucial role that swimming plays in building endurance, strength, and technique for a successful race. Potts’ five-day plan offers a great starting point for triathletes looking to rekindle their focus on the swim and improve their overall performance. Adding some extra swim training and technique work can make a huge difference in a triathlete’s race day performance.

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