Top Picks for Versatile Cycling and Running Gear: May 2023

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What Trifindr Used and Loved in May 2023

Main Points

  • Do-it-all shoes impressed the editors
  • A solution for racing on the flow caught their attention
  • Editors found a chafe-prevention marvel to be very helpful

Do-it-all shoes

The editors were impressed with a pair of do-it-all shoes that were versatile enough to be used for running, cycling, and even casual wear. They loved the comfort and fit of the shoes, as well as the fact that they looked trendy enough to wear outside of training.

Racing on the Flow

One editor tried a new solution called “Racing on the Flow”. This system used an app on their phone to guide them through a series of power-based intervals that matched the terrain and conditions of their outdoor ride. The editor found it to be a great tool for structuring their training and improving their power output.

Chafe-prevention Marvel

Another editor tried out a chafe-prevention marvel. This product was a skin lubricant that was specially formulated to reduce friction and chafing during long-distance runs and rides. The editor was happy with the performance of the product and found that it kept them comfortable and chafe-free during their training sessions.

Trifindr’s summary

It’s always helpful to get recommendations from experienced editors when trying out new gear. The do-it-all shoes, power-based interval system, and chafe-prevention marvel each provided unique benefits to the editors and are worth considering for any athlete looking to improve their training and comfort. Be sure to do your own research and try out gear for yourself before making any purchases.

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