“Super League Unveils Highly Anticipated 2023 Season for World’s Best Short-Distance Triathletes”

– Super League announces 2023 season for short-distance triathlon athletes.
– The series will feature many of the top athletes in the world.

Trifindr’s hot take: The announcement of the 2023 Super League season will give short-distance triathlon athletes an exciting opportunity to showcase their skills, compete against the world’s top talents and possibly earn recognition for their efforts. With the date now set, triathletes can start training to qualify for what will surely be a must-watch event. Aspiring athletes can also check out our recommended product, a triathlon training plan, to help them train smarter and more efficiently towards their triathlon goals.

Original article:https://triathlonmagazine.ca/news/super-league-announces-2023-season/<>

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