Improve Speed and Endurance with Hill Repeats: Coach David Roche’s Recommendations

Main Points:

  • Short hill repeats can help improve top-end speed and snap for runners
  • Run coach David Roche recommends doing 8-12 repetitions of a hill that takes 30-60 seconds to climb at maximum effort
  • The recovery between repeats should be a slow jog or walk downhill
  • Adding these hill repeats to a weekly running routine can lead to improvements in overall speed and endurance

Trifindr’s hot take:

Hill repeats can be a challenging yet effective way for runners to improve their speed and endurance. By incorporating short, fast hill sprints into a weekly running routine, runners can see improvements in their overall running performance. With the guidance of experienced coaches like David Roche, athletes can ensure that they are implementing workouts that are both safe and effective. So, lace up your running shoes and head to the hills to take your running to the next level!

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