“Understanding Patellar Tendinopathy: Lessons from World Champion Triathlete, Flora Duffy”

Main Points:

  • Flora Duffy, a two-time world champion triathlete, is sidelined due to patellar tendinopathy.
  • It is a common injury for runners and triathletes, but can also affect other athletes.
  • The injury starts with the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap to the shinbone.
  • Repetitive stress on the tendon can cause inflammation and pain, leading to tendinopathy.
  • Symptoms include localized pain, stiffness, and swelling.
  • Treatments include physical therapy, rest, and shockwave therapy, among others.
  • It is important to address the injury early on to prevent it from becoming chronic.

Trifindr’s hot take:

Patellar tendinopathy is a common injury for runners and triathletes, but early detection and treatment is crucial. Flora Duffy’s injury highlights the importance of recognizing the symptoms and seeking appropriate treatment promptly to prevent the injury from becoming chronic and affecting performance in the long term.

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