“Maximizing Strength Training for Triathlon Season: Tips from a Trainer”

Article: Ask a Trainer: How Should I Strength Train During Tri Season?

Main Points:

  • As the triathlon season begins, reduce strength training volume and specificity.
  • Focus strength training on correcting muscle imbalances, improving core stability, and maintaining strength.
  • Incorporate resistance-band exercises to help with maintaining strength during races.
  • During the race season, consider doing strength training sessions once or twice a week.
  • During the off-season or low period, add 1 or 2 full-body strength training sessions to your routine.
  • Use strength and conditioning to support your endurance workouts.

Trifindr’s hot take:

As triathlon season begins, athletes should shift their focus from high-volume strength training to maintaining strength while correcting muscle imbalances and improving core stability. Resistance-band exercises can be a useful addition to your routine to help you maintain strength during races. During the racing season, aim for one or two strength training sessions per week, and during the off-season, consider adding one to two full-body strength training sessions to your routine. Remember that strength and conditioning should support your endurance workouts, and striking a balance is key to a successful season.
Original article:https://www.triathlete.com/training/3-keys-to-strength-training-in-race-season/<>

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