“Boost Endurance and Speed: One-Hour Mid-Week Tempo Run for Long-Course Triathletes”

One-Hour Workout: Mid-Week Tempo Run

Main Points:

  • This run session is designed for mid-week training for long-course triathletes.
  • The workout includes a 15-minute warm-up, a 10-minute tempo run, followed by a 5-minute rest, and finishing with a 30-minute tempo run.
  • The 10-minute tempo run should be done at a pace that is challenging but sustainable for the full 10 minutes.
  • During the 30-minute tempo run, the pace should be slightly slower than the pace of the first 10-minute segment.
  • The overall goal of this workout is to increase endurance and speed for long-course triathletes, while also improving pacing and mental toughness.

Trifindr’s hot take:

This mid-week tempo run is a great workout for long-course triathletes looking to improve their endurance and speed. By breaking up the workout with a 5-minute rest period, the athlete is able to give maximum effort during both tempo runs. The tempo runs also help improve pacing and mental toughness, which are both essential for long-course racing. It’s always important to include a variety of training sessions in your triathlon training plan, and this run session is a great addition to any mid-week routine.

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