Why Drones Won’t Replace Moto Cameramen for Triathlon Coverage: Challenges and Limitations

Why Drones Won’t Be Replacing Motos for Race Coverage Anytime Soon


  • Drones are often considered as an alternative to traditional camera coverage on the back of motorcycles, especially in triathlon events.
  • Their benefits include getting closer to the action, covering different angles, and providing more stable shots.
  • However, there are several challenges associated with using drones for race coverage, including battery life, flight restrictions, and liability concerns.
  • A drone’s battery wouldn’t last long enough to cover an entire event, and it is not easy to quickly recharge a drone in the middle of a race.
  • Drone flight is heavily restricted during events due to safety concerns and high traffic.
  • Moreover, crashes involving drones can pose a potential liability risk, and it can be harder to certify drone operators than moto drivers.

Expert Opinion:

Patrick Egan, a drone expert and owner of sUAS News

He stated that drones cannot replace motos completely because they have different applications. While drones are useful for specific shots, moto cameramen provide constant coverage throughout a race.


Drones may offer unique and exciting perspectives of triathlon events, but they cannot replace traditional methods of coverage anytime soon. There are significant hurdles that must be overcome before drones can provide comprehensive and reliable coverage for an entire race.

Trifindr’s hot take:

Drones are an innovative technology that offer new and exciting perspectives in triathlon race coverage. However, as the article highlights, there are significant challenges with using drones in this way, such as battery life and liability concerns. While drones may supplement traditional camera coverage, they cannot replace it entirely. As technology advances and regulations evolve, the use of drones in triathlon coverage may become more feasible, but for now, they remain a novel addition to traditional methods.

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