“Hands-on Review: Kristian Blummenfelt’s Record-Breaking Cadex Tri Superbike”

An Exclusive Hands-On Review of The Cadex Tri Superbike

Main Points:

  • The Cadex Tri Superbike is an unconventional, not-UCI-legal superbike used by Kristian Blummenfelt.
  • The bike helped Blummenfelt win both a world title and set the fastest-ever iron-distance time last year.
  • The bike’s frame is made entirely of carbon fiber and uses a unique blend of materials for its wheels.
  • The handling of the bike is described as “crisp, direct, and responsive.”
  • The bike’s aerodynamics have been fine-tuned through wind tunnel testing and extensive computer modeling.
  • The Cadex Tri Superbike is not currently available for purchase, and it is unclear if it will be in the future.

Trifindr’s hot take:

The Cadex Tri Superbike is certainly an impressive piece of engineering, and it’s no surprise that it helped Kristian Blummenfelt achieve such incredible results. While the bike’s unconventional design and lack of UCI approval may limit its mainstream appeal, it will likely continue to be a valuable tool for elite triathletes looking for an edge in competition. It will be interesting to see if Cadex decides to release the bike for public purchase and how it will stack up against other top-level triathlon bikes on the market.

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