“Tyler Mislawchuk Set to Make a Comeback at World Cup Huatulco: How to Watch and What to Expect from Canadian Triathlon”

– Tyler Mislawchuk returns to World Cup Huatulco, a race he has won twice.
– He finished second in the race last year.
– The article provides information on how to watch the event.
– The article speculates on whether Canada will have another successful day at the Mexican event.

Trifindr’s hot take: It is exciting to see Tyler Mislawchuk returning to the World Cup Huatulco, especially after his prior success at the race. Additionally, Canadian triathlon has been thriving lately, and it will be interesting to see how the other athletes perform at the event. For triathlon fans that want to keep up with the race, the article provides useful information on how to watch it.

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Original article:https://triathlonmagazine.ca/news/how-to-watch-world-cup-huatulco-another-big-day-for-canada-at-the-mexican-event/<>

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