“Defending Champion Sarah Crowley to Compete in Cairns Triathlon Despite Injuries”

– Triathlete Sarah Crowley broke two ribs and her sternum five weeks ago.
– Despite her injuries, she has decided to participate in the upcoming Cairns triathlon.
– Crowley is the defending champion of the Cairns race.
– Crowley has been working hard to recover over the past five weeks and hopes to perform well in the upcoming race.

Trifindr’s hot take: It’s impressive to see Crowley push through her injuries and continue to compete at such a high level. This shows a true dedication to the sport of triathlon and a never-give-up attitude. However, it’s important for athletes to prioritize their health and safety, and we hope that Crowley has received proper medical clearance to participate in the race. For those looking to avoid injuries during training, investing in quality gear such as well-cushioned running shoes or a properly fitted bike can make a big difference.

Original article:https://triathlonmagazine.ca/personalities/5-weeks-ago-sarah-crowley-broke-two-ribs-and-her-sternum-somehow-shes-still-racing-in-cairns/<>

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