Title: “Montreal Triathlon Race: World’s Best Draft-Legal Racers Battle It Out in Wet Conditions”

– The Montreal triathlon race featured many of the world’s best draft-legal racers.
– The race was decided by the final run.
– The wet and slippery conditions on the bike course made for an exciting and challenging race.
– There is a photo gallery of the race available on Triathlon Magazine Canada.

Trifindr’s hot take: The Montreal triathlon race showcased the impressive athleticism and skill of the world’s best draft-legal racers. The wet and slippery bike course added an extra layer of challenge to the already intense competition. If you’re a triathlon enthusiast looking to improve your own skills, you may want to consider investing in a quality bike trainer for those rainy day training sessions.

Original article:https://triathlonmagazine.ca/racing/a-slippery-ride-and-a-fast-run-make-for-an-exciting-mens-race-at-wtcs-montreal-photo-gallery-2/<>

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