Why Sighting Practice is Essential for Open Water Swimmers

Dear Coach: Do I Really Need to Practice Sighting?

  • Many people believe that practicing sighting in a pool is not the same as practicing in open water.
  • However, there are still several reasons why it is important to practice sighting.
  • Sighting in open water requires different skills compared to sighting in a pool.
  • Open water conditions can be unpredictable, so practicing sighting can help prepare athletes for various scenarios.
  • Sighting helps maintain direction and prevent swimmers from veering off course during a race.
  • Consistent sighting reduces the distance swimmers have to cover, thus saving energy.
  • It is recommended to incorporate sighting practice into regular swimming sessions to develop and improve this skill.

Trifindr’s hot take:

While it is true that sighting in a pool is not the same as open water, there are still numerous benefits to practicing this skill. Open water conditions can be challenging and unpredictable, so triathletes and swimmers must develop the ability to sight effectively. By practicing sighting, athletes can maintain their direction, avoid veering off course, and save energy during races. Therefore, incorporating regular sighting practice into swimming sessions is highly recommended.

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