Fixing Sinking Legs in Swimming: Tips and Exercises to Improve Body Position and Reduce Drag

Fixing Sinking Legs in Swimming

Main Points:

  • Sinking legs can be a common issue among swimmers, making it harder to maintain proper body position and creating drag.
  • The root causes of sinking legs can be weak core and lower body muscles, incorrect body position, and improper breathing technique.
  • Swim coach Andrew Sheaff provides some helpful tips and exercises to fix sinking legs:
  • Focus on strengthening your core and lower body muscles through exercises like planks, flutter kicks, and squats.
  • Practice proper body position by keeping your head down, aligning your body in a horizontal position, and engaging your core.
  • Work on your breathing technique by exhaling fully underwater and taking quick inhales during the side recovery of your stroke.
  • Sheaff also recommends drills like kicking on your side and using a pull buoy to isolate the upper body and improve body position.
  • The use of fins can also provide temporary assistance in fixing sinking legs by helping to maintain buoyancy.

Trifindr’s hot take:

Sinking legs can be a frustrating challenge for many swimmers, but with the right techniques and exercises, it is possible to improve your body position and reduce drag in the water. Swim coach Andrew Sheaff offers practical advice for strengthening your core and lower body muscles, maintaining the correct body position, and improving your breathing technique. By incorporating these tips and drills into your swim training, you can conquer your sinking legs once and for all. So get to work and enjoy a smoother and more efficient swim!

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