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“Maximizing Strength Training for Triathlon Season: Tips from a Trainer”

Article: Ask a Trainer: How Should I Strength Train During Tri Season? Main Points: As the triathlon season begins, reduce strength training volume and specificity. Focus strength training on correcting muscle imbalances, improving core stability, and maintaining strength. Incorporate resistance-band exercises to help with maintaining strength during races. During the race season, consider doing strength […]

“7 Essential Strength-Training Moves for Triathletes: Improve Performance and Prevent Injuries at Home”

Main Points: Strength training can help triathletes prevent injuries and improve performance. There are seven basic strength-training moves that are essential for triathletes: Bodyweight squats Push-ups Planks Single-leg deadlifts Reverse lunges Band Rows Glute bridges These moves can be done at home with little to no equipment. It’s important to start with proper form and […]

“Editors’ Top Picks for Versatile Cycling and Running Gear: May 2023”

Saucony Endorphin Pro Men's Running Shoes White Mutant Size 12.5 Width D - Medium

What our Editors Used and Loved in May 2023 Main Points Do-it-all shoes impressed the editors A solution for racing on the flow caught their attention Editors found a chafe-prevention marvel to be very helpful Do-it-all shoes The editors were impressed with a pair of do-it-all shoes that were versatile enough to be used for […]

“Improve Your Endurance and Technique with Coach Sara McLarty’s 3,000 Yard Swim Workout”

Main Points: The swim workout is designed by coach Sara McLarty. The workout includes a mix of swimming, kicking, and pulling exercises. It is a 3,000 yard workout designed for intermediate swimmers. There are different sets and reps for various exercises such as pull buoy and kickboard. Benefits of this workout include improved endurance and […]

“Assessing the Professional Triathletes Organization’s Impact and Challenges: Finding the Balance Between Commercial Success and Athlete Advocacy”

Main Points: The Professional Triathletes Organization (PTO) is a support body for professional triathletes that was established in 2019. The PTO’s formation was a significant milestone for the sport, as it brought together a diverse group of stakeholders who aimed to unify and strengthen the pro triathlon scene. The organization has since developed a number […]

The 8 Most Common Triathlon Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Article Summary: The 8 Most Common Triathlon Injuries Main Points: Overuse injuries are common in triathlon due to the repetitive nature of training. The most common injury areas in triathlon are the knees, feet, and lower back. Improper bike fit can lead to knee pain, Achilles tendinitis, and lower back pain. Swimming injuries are often […]

The Legendary Red Dirt Road: Endurance Athletes’ Secret Training Spot in Boulder, Colorado

Summary: The red dirt road outside Boulder, Colorado has become a legendary location for athletes and champions in the endurance sports of triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming. The one-mile section of road is steep, winding, unpaved, and challenging, making it an ideal location for training and testing limits. Many well-known athletes like Mirinda Carfrae, Tim […]

Felt IA 2.0 Superbike Review: Speed and Aerodynamics at a Steep Price

Main Points: The Felt IA 2.0 is the latest and most expensive superbike from Felt, priced at $17,000. The bike is designed for triathletes and time trialists, with a focus on aerodynamics and speed. Some of the standout features include a fully integrated hydration system, a customizable cockpit, and an electronic shifting system. During a […]

“Progressive Swim Workout for Increased Speed and Endurance”

Main Points: The workout is designed to help improve swimmers’ top-end speed and increase their ability to maintain a high pace for longer periods of time. The warm-up consists of 600 yards, starting with a 200-yard freestyle swim and then incorporating a variety of drills to activate different muscle groups. The main set includes a […]

Breaking Up with Your Triathlon Coach: How to do it Professionally and Respectfully

Main Points: Hiring a triathlon coach is a smart move, but the relationship may not always work out. If you feel like you need to break up with your coach, it’s important to be honest with them about why you are leaving. You should also be prepared to listen to your coach’s perspective and take […]