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Jan Van Berkel’s Fairytale Ending: Ironman Switzerland & World Triathlon Para Series Montreal

Main Points: Jan Van Berkel’s Fairytale Ending World Triathlon Para Series Montreal Trifindr’s hot take: Jan Van Berkel’s fairytale ending at Ironman Switzerland is a testament to his determination and skill as a triathlete. Despite facing tough competition, he stayed focused and emerged as the winner. The inclusion of a competitor riding his girlfriend’s bike […]

“Can Cam Wurf Become the Ironman World Champion in 2023? His Athletic Background and Determination Makes Him a Formidable Competitor”

Why Cam Wurf Become the Ironman World Champion in 2023 Trifindr’s hot take: Cam Wurf’s confidence and determination to become the Ironman World Champion in 2023 is commendable. With his impressive athletic background and strong power-to-weight ratio, he poses a formidable challenge to his competitors. Wurf’s belief in the advantage gained from his rowing experience […]

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Session for Triathletes

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Trifindr’s hot take: Coach Sara McLarty’s open-water swim workout provides a structured and comprehensive session for triathletes. By incorporating warm-up exercises, swim drills, and a main set, athletes can improve their open-water skills, including sighting, buoy turns, and swimming in a straight line. The specific instructions and variations make it […]

Ask a Gear Guru: How to Carry Water While Running

How Should I Carry Water While Running? Trifindr’s hot take: Finding a way to carry water while running is essential for staying hydrated during your workouts. With the wide range of options available today, you can find a method that suits your preferences and needs. Whether it’s a handheld bottle, a hydration belt, a vest, […]

The Hidden Factor Behind Consistent Easy Run Pace

The Hidden Factor That Explains Easy Run Pace Trifindr’s hot take: The research highlighting the hidden factor of a consistent easy run pace across distances sheds light on an interesting aspect of running. It suggests that our bodies naturally adapt to find a comfortable pace that is independent of the distance. While this may seem […]

Weekend Swim Workout: Star-Spangled Swim Set | Celebrate the 4th of July with a Patriotic Swim Routine

Weekend Swim Workout: Star-Spangled Swim Set Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: This swim workout is a fun and creative way to celebrate Independence Day while staying active and improving your swimming skills. Incorporating American-themed elements into the workout, such as naming the intervals after famous landmarks, adds a sense of patriotism to the training session. […]

The Ultimate Pro Triathlon YouTube Channels for Your Trainer Ride

Article: The Ultimate Pro Triathlon YouTube Power Rankings Summary: Trifindr’s hot take: If you’re looking for engaging and informative content to get you through your next indoor training session, the Ultimate Pro Triathlon YouTube Power Rankings is a great place to start. Whether you’re a fan of the howling antics of Sam Long or the […]

How to Move Up from Olympic to 70.3 Distance Triathlons: A Guide to Training, Nutrition, and Gear

How To Move Up in Distance From Olympic to 70.3 Main Points: Moving up from Olympic to 70.3 distance requires adjustments to training, nutrition, and gear. Athletes should gradually increase their weekly training volume and prioritize long, endurance-based workouts. Nutrition becomes even more important at the 70.3 distance, with a focus on fueling properly during […]

“Amazing Athletes Shine at Post-Pandemic Ironman Coeur d’Alene, with Historic Podium Finish by 50-Year-Old Mel McQuaid and Victories by Taryn O’Neill, Hayden Wilde, and Ben Kanute”

• Mel McQuaid becomes the first 50-year-old to make an Ironman podium. • Canadian and former Commonwealth triathlete Taryn O’Neill wins the women’s field. • Australian Hayden Wilde wins his Ironman debut. • American Olympian Ben Kanute won the men’s field. • Over 1,000 athletes participated in the triathlon event, marking a successful post-pandemic return […]

Chrissie Wellington Praises Daniela Ryf for Record-Breaking Triathlon Performance at Challenge Roth

Main points: Triathlon legend Chrissie Wellington praises Daniela Ryf for her record-breaking performance at Challenge Roth. Ryf completed the race in under 8 hours, breaking Wellington’s previous record. Wellington describes Ryf as the “greatest athlete the sport has seen” and admires her mental and physical strength. She also highlights Ryf’s ability to balance her athletic […]