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2023 Prime Day Deals for Runners and Triathletes

2023 Prime Day Deals for Runners and Triathletes Trifindr’s hot take: Prime Day is a fantastic opportunity for triathletes and runners to save money on essential gear and accessories. With discounted triathlon wetsuits, GPS watches, and cycling shoes, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of. However, it’s crucial to act quickly as the […]

The Importance of Understanding Run Fitness Decline and How to Bounce Back

Run Fitness Decline and What to do about it Trifindr’s hot take: While it’s important to take breaks and allow time for injury rehabilitation, it’s also vital to understand the potential impact on run fitness. Taking even a few days off can lead to declines in cardiovascular fitness and running economy. However, with consistent training […]

Ask a Gear Guru: How to Carry Water While Running

How Should I Carry Water While Running? Trifindr’s hot take: Finding a way to carry water while running is essential for staying hydrated during your workouts. With the wide range of options available today, you can find a method that suits your preferences and needs. Whether it’s a handheld bottle, a hydration belt, a vest, […]

“Apple Watch Software Updates Revolutionize Tracking for Triathletes and Runners”

Apple Watch for Triathletes Trifindr’s hot take These software updates to the Apple Watch are a game-changer for serious triathletes and runners. With its advanced metrics, customizable data fields, and seamless transition between activities, the Watch is now a top choice for athletes looking for a reliable and comprehensive tracking device. Whether you’re training for […]

“Ask A Trainer: How to Incorporate Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention During Race Season”

Article: Ask A Trainer: How Should I Use a Foam Roller During Race Season? Trifindr’s hot take: Foam rolling can be a great way to prevent injury and help your muscles recover during race season. It’s important to start with a softer roller if you are new to foam rolling and use it on your […]

“New & Improved Triathlon Shoe: The Perfect Race-Day Companion”

Trifindr’s hot take: Triathletes know that the right shoe can make all the difference in a race. That’s why the return of this updated, comfortable, and fast shoe is exciting news. With improved ventilation and a design that prioritizes comfort, this shoe is a top choice for any triathlete looking to take their training or […]

Felt IA 2.0 Superbike Review: Speed and Aerodynamics at a Steep Price

Unlocking the Secrets of the Felt IA 2.0 Superbike Defining A Superbike In cycling, a superbike is a top-end racing bicycle that has been engineered and designed to provide the best possible performance in speed, acceleration, handling, and stability while minimizing resistance from air drag. The materials used to build these bikes are lightweight and […]

“Weekly Challenge: A Beginner’s Journey to Completing their First Triathlon on a $600 Budget”

Article: “We Gave A Total Newbie $600 (And Six Weeks) For His First Triathlon” Main Points: A writer for Triathlete magazine gave a complete beginner six weeks to train for their first triathlon with a budget of $600. They started with assessing the beginner’s strengths and weaknesses and building a training plan around those. The […]