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Breaking Records: Sean Conway’s Journey to 102 Consecutive Full-Distance Triathlons

The journey to 102 full-distance triathlons in a row is nearing completion for the adventurer Trifindr’s hot take: Sean Conway’s journey toward completing 102 full-distance triathlons is an incredible testament to the human spirit and the power of endurance sports. Breaking the Iron Cowboy’s record is a major achievement and showcases the dedication, resilience, and […]

Unveiling the Supershoe Revolution in Triathlon: Benefits, Risks, and Individual Variability

Triathlon Super Shoes Trifindr’s hot take:The super shoe revolution in triathlon has sparked interest among athletes and scientists alike. While research has shown benefits in using racing shoes, individual variability suggests that not all athletes may experience the same improvements. Furthermore, while these shoes can enhance performance, they may also increase the risk of injury. […]

Understanding Beach Water Quality: Risks and Precautions

What to Know About Beach Water Quality Trifindr’s hot take: While the idea of swimming in feces-infested water may sound alarming, staying informed about beach water quality is essential. The recent studies discussed in the article highlight the potential risks of swimming in polluted water and the need for increased monitoring and preventive measures. Beachgoers […]

The Best Triathlon Swim Goggles of 2023: Expert Recommendations and Buying Guide

Article Summary: The Best Triathlon Swim Goggles of 2023 Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: In order to have a successful and comfortable swim leg in a triathlon, it’s crucial to choose the right pair of swim goggles. The best triathlon swim goggles for you should have a secure fit, be leak-proof, and offer features like […]

Weekend Swim Workout: IM and Speed Bursts For Triathletes

Some IM And Speed Bursts Trifindr’s hot take: This weekend swim workout, designed by coach Sara McLarty, offers a great opportunity for triathletes to work on building their swimming engine. By incorporating a variety of strokes and short bursts of speed, the workout helps improve overall swim performance. It is important to focus on technique […]

Improving Triathlon Performance: Tips and Tricks for Success

Recent Results in Triathlon Trifindr’s hot take: It’s great to see Cara MacDonald leading the Canadian women with her impressive 12th-place finish in the recent triathlon event. Her performance shows her strength and determination in the sport. Additionally, Mathis Beaulieu’s bronze medal at the World Junior Championships is a commendable achievement that highlights his skill […]

Super-Sprint World Championships: A Spectacular Addition to the Triathlon Calendar

First Super-Sprint World Champions to be crowned this weekend Trifindr’s hot take:The Super-Sprint World Championships are a thrilling addition to the triathlon calendar. With its short distances and intense speed, it promises to be a spectacle for both athletes and spectators alike. This new category adds another layer of excitement to the already dynamic world […]

Fixing Sinking Legs in Swimming: Tips and Exercises to Improve Body Position and Reduce Drag

Fixing Sinking Legs in Swimming Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: Sinking legs can be a frustrating challenge for many swimmers, but with the right techniques and exercises, it is possible to improve your body position and reduce drag in the water. Swim coach Andrew Sheaff offers practical advice for strengthening your core and lower body […]

Understanding the Signs of Hyponatremia in Male and Female Triathletes

How Male and Female Triathletes Show Different Signs of Hyponatremia Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: This analysis of 30 years of Ironman World Championship data reveals important differences in how male and female triathletes show signs of hyponatremia. The higher prevalence of hyponatremia among female triathletes and their tendency to exhibit warning signs such as […]

6 Key Insights from the PTO US Open Triathlon

Takeaways from the Men’s Start List for PTO US Open Trifindr’s hot take: The men’s start list for the PTO US Open is filled with elite triathletes vying for the substantial prize pool. Spectators can expect an incredibly competitive race, with past champions and Olympic medalists going head-to-head. It’s an event not to be missed! […]