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Breaking Records: Sean Conway’s Journey to 102 Consecutive Full-Distance Triathlons

The journey to 102 full-distance triathlons in a row is nearing completion for the adventurer Trifindr’s hot take: Sean Conway’s journey toward completing 102 full-distance triathlons is an incredible testament to the human spirit and the power of endurance sports. Breaking the Iron Cowboy’s record is a major achievement and showcases the dedication, resilience, and […]

Improving Triathlon Performance: Tips and Tricks for Success

Recent Results in Triathlon Trifindr’s hot take: It’s great to see Cara MacDonald leading the Canadian women with her impressive 12th-place finish in the recent triathlon event. Her performance shows her strength and determination in the sport. Additionally, Mathis Beaulieu’s bronze medal at the World Junior Championships is a commendable achievement that highlights his skill […]

Super-Sprint World Championships: A Spectacular Addition to the Triathlon Calendar

First Super-Sprint World Champions to be crowned this weekend Trifindr’s hot take:The Super-Sprint World Championships are a thrilling addition to the triathlon calendar. With its short distances and intense speed, it promises to be a spectacle for both athletes and spectators alike. This new category adds another layer of excitement to the already dynamic world […]

6 Key Insights from the PTO US Open Triathlon

Takeaways from the Men’s Start List for PTO US Open Trifindr’s hot take: The men’s start list for the PTO US Open is filled with elite triathletes vying for the substantial prize pool. Spectators can expect an incredibly competitive race, with past champions and Olympic medalists going head-to-head. It’s an event not to be missed! […]

The Effectiveness of Glucose Monitors and Bicarbonate Supplementation in Sports Nutrition

Are glucose monitors any good? Does Bicarbonate supplementation work and more of your Sports Nutrition questions answered Trifindr’s hot take: Nancy Clark’s article provides valuable insights into several sports nutrition topics, including the use of glucose monitors, bicarbonate supplementation, and caffeine. While these strategies can potentially enhance performance, it is essential to remember that individual […]

Introducing the Solo .5 Category: A New Challenge in the Canada Man/Woman Triathlon

Canada Man/Woman Triathlon Solo .5 Trifindr’s hot take:Introducing the Solo .5 category in the Canada Man/Woman triathlon opens up the event to a wider range of participants. Although it is a scaled-down version, it still poses a significant challenge to athletes. Triathlon Magazine Canada’s coverage offers a detailed insight into the event, allowing readers to […]