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Understanding the Signs of Hyponatremia in Male and Female Triathletes

How Male and Female Triathletes Show Different Signs of Hyponatremia Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: This analysis of 30 years of Ironman World Championship data reveals important differences in how male and female triathletes show signs of hyponatremia. The higher prevalence of hyponatremia among female triathletes and their tendency to exhibit warning signs such as […]

Brain Endurance Training: Unlocking the Next Level of Performance

Brain Endurance Training Points to Consider Brain Endurance Training: How It Works In brain endurance training, individuals perform cognitive tasks immediately after physical exercise. This combination is believed to stimulate the brain and enhance various aspects of performance. The theory behind this training is that the brain exertion after physical exertion might trigger adaptations that […]

The Importance of Understanding Run Fitness Decline and How to Bounce Back

Run Fitness Decline and What to do about it Trifindr’s hot take: While it’s important to take breaks and allow time for injury rehabilitation, it’s also vital to understand the potential impact on run fitness. Taking even a few days off can lead to declines in cardiovascular fitness and running economy. However, with consistent training […]

Develop a Personalized Hydration Strategy for Ironman and Long-Distance Races

What is Hydration? Hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhaling, and eliminating waste. On average, the body loses and needs to replace about 2-3 quarts of water daily. Luckily, many foods we eat are composed mostly of water. Foods with high water content include greens and most fruits and vegetables. Summary of […]

“Ask A Trainer: How to Incorporate Foam Rolling for Injury Prevention During Race Season”

Article: Ask A Trainer: How Should I Use a Foam Roller During Race Season? Trifindr’s hot take: Foam rolling can be a great way to prevent injury and help your muscles recover during race season. It’s important to start with a softer roller if you are new to foam rolling and use it on your […]

Forest Fire Smoke Forces WTCS Montreal Events to Cancel and Shorten

Forest Fire Smoke Affect on Triathlons this summer Trifindr’s hot take: It’s unfortunate that the poor air quality caused by the forest fires has disrupted the WTCS Montreal events. The decision to cancel the Mixed Relay races and shorten the Elite Women’s race was necessary to ensure the safety of the athletes. It’s clear that […]

“Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant Cancelled Due to Forest Fire Smoke: Athlete Safety Comes First”

Ironman Mont-Tremblant Cancelled Trifindr’s hot take: It’s disappointing for athletes who were eagerly anticipating Ironman 70.3 Mont-Tremblant, but the safety of everyone involved should always be the highest priority. It’s important to continue to monitor air quality in areas affected by forest fires and make decisions based on the best available information. For athletes looking […]

“Understanding Patellar Tendinopathy: Lessons from World Champion Triathlete, Flora Duffy”

Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: Patellar tendinopathy is a common injury for runners and triathletes, but early detection and treatment is crucial. Flora Duffy’s injury highlights the importance of recognizing the symptoms and seeking appropriate treatment promptly to prevent the injury from becoming chronic and affecting performance in the long term. Original article: