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One-Hour VO2max Fartlek Run: Boost Your Speed and Aerobic Capacity

One-Hour Workout: VO2max Fartlek Run Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: The VO2max fartlek run is a great way to mix up your training routine and improve your running performance. By alternating between hard efforts and easy efforts, you can boost your aerobic capacity and increase your running speed. Starting with a warm-up and ending with […]

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Session for Triathletes

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Trifindr’s hot take: Coach Sara McLarty’s open-water swim workout provides a structured and comprehensive session for triathletes. By incorporating warm-up exercises, swim drills, and a main set, athletes can improve their open-water skills, including sighting, buoy turns, and swimming in a straight line. The specific instructions and variations make it […]

The Hidden Factor Behind Consistent Easy Run Pace

The Hidden Factor That Explains Easy Run Pace Trifindr’s hot take: The research highlighting the hidden factor of a consistent easy run pace across distances sheds light on an interesting aspect of running. It suggests that our bodies naturally adapt to find a comfortable pace that is independent of the distance. While this may seem […]

Improve Swim Fitness and Times with Effective Sprint Workouts and Interval Training

Summary Summary Trifindr’s hot take: Swimming fast requires incorporating sprint workouts into your training regimen. Interval training and various sprint sets are effective ways to improve swim fitness and times. However, it’s important to remember that rest and recovery are just as crucial for preventing injury and maximizing performance. So, if you’re looking to swim […]

Develop a Personalized Hydration Strategy for Ironman and Long-Distance Races

What is Hydration? Hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhaling, and eliminating waste. On average, the body loses and needs to replace about 2-3 quarts of water daily. Luckily, many foods we eat are composed mostly of water. Foods with high water content include greens and most fruits and vegetables. Summary of […]