6 Key Insights from the PTO US Open Triathlon

Takeaways from the Men’s Start List for PTO US Open Trifindr’s hot take: The men’s start list for the PTO US Open is filled with elite triathletes vying for the substantial prize pool. Spectators can expect an incredibly competitive race, with past champions and Olympic medalists going head-to-head. It’s an event not to be missed! […]

Can Endurance Athletes Build Bigger Muscles

Yes, Even Endurance Athletes Can Build Bigger Muscles Trifindr’s hot take: This study provides encouraging news for endurance athletes who are looking to build bigger muscles. It challenges the notion that muscle fiber type determines muscle growth response to strength training. Whether you are an endurance athlete or a speed-oriented athlete, resistance training can lead […]

One-Hour VO2max Fartlek Run: Boost Your Speed and Aerobic Capacity

One-Hour Workout: VO2max Fartlek Run Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: The VO2max fartlek run is a great way to mix up your training routine and improve your running performance. By alternating between hard efforts and easy efforts, you can boost your aerobic capacity and increase your running speed. Starting with a warm-up and ending with […]

The Effectiveness of Glucose Monitors and Bicarbonate Supplementation in Sports Nutrition

Are glucose monitors any good? Does Bicarbonate supplementation work and more of your Sports Nutrition questions answered Trifindr’s hot take: Nancy Clark’s article provides valuable insights into several sports nutrition topics, including the use of glucose monitors, bicarbonate supplementation, and caffeine. While these strategies can potentially enhance performance, it is essential to remember that individual […]

Brain Endurance Training: Unlocking the Next Level of Performance

Brain Endurance Training Points to Consider Brain Endurance Training: How It Works In brain endurance training, individuals perform cognitive tasks immediately after physical exercise. This combination is believed to stimulate the brain and enhance various aspects of performance. The theory behind this training is that the brain exertion after physical exertion might trigger adaptations that […]

2023 Prime Day Deals for Runners and Triathletes

2023 Prime Day Deals for Runners and Triathletes Trifindr’s hot take: Prime Day is a fantastic opportunity for triathletes and runners to save money on essential gear and accessories. With discounted triathlon wetsuits, GPS watches, and cycling shoes, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of. However, it’s crucial to act quickly as the […]

How to Run Hills Without Hurting Your Knees

How to Run Hills while keeping your knees healthy Trifindr’s hot take: Running hills can be a challenging yet rewarding aspect of training, but it’s important to protect your knees to avoid injury. By following the strategies mentioned in the article, such as engaging specific muscles, maintaining posture, choosing the right footwear, and strengthening key […]

Why Sighting Practice is Essential for Open Water Swimmers

Dear Coach: Do I Really Need to Practice Sighting? Trifindr’s hot take: While it is true that sighting in a pool is not the same as open water, there are still numerous benefits to practicing this skill. Open water conditions can be challenging and unpredictable, so triathletes and swimmers must develop the ability to sight […]

Jan Van Berkel’s Fairytale Ending: Ironman Switzerland & World Triathlon Para Series Montreal

Main Points: Jan Van Berkel’s Fairytale Ending World Triathlon Para Series Montreal Trifindr’s hot take: Jan Van Berkel’s fairytale ending at Ironman Switzerland is a testament to his determination and skill as a triathlete. Despite facing tough competition, he stayed focused and emerged as the winner. The inclusion of a competitor riding his girlfriend’s bike […]

“Can Cam Wurf Become the Ironman World Champion in 2023? His Athletic Background and Determination Makes Him a Formidable Competitor”

Why Cam Wurf Become the Ironman World Champion in 2023 Trifindr’s hot take: Cam Wurf’s confidence and determination to become the Ironman World Champion in 2023 is commendable. With his impressive athletic background and strong power-to-weight ratio, he poses a formidable challenge to his competitors. Wurf’s belief in the advantage gained from his rowing experience […]