Jan Frodeno and Gwen Jorgensen Triumph at Ironman Oceanside 70.3: Results and Analysis

Ironman 70.3 Oceanside: Frodeno and True Back to their Winning Ways Jan Frodeno and Gwen Jorgensen claim victories at Ironman 70.3 race in Oceanside, California. Jan Frodeno and Gwen Jorgensen Triumph at Ironman Oceanside Jan Frodeno and Gwen Jorgensen showcased their dominant performances at the Ironman 70.3 race in Oceanside, California. Frodeno encountered a setback […]

Canada’s Toughest Triathlon Weekend: Challenging Courses & Unpredictable Weather – Push Your Limits!

What is happening ? Trifindr’s hot take Canada’s toughest triathlon weekend is setting the stage for a challenging and intense race. Athletes will have to overcome difficult courses and endure unpredictable weather. This event provides an ideal opportunity for participants to test their limits and showcase their endurance skills. With more races to come, it […]

Triathlete’s Big Monthly News Digest: June 2023 – Highlights, Safety Protocols, and Lessons Learned

Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: The June 2023 edition of Triathlete’s Big Monthly News Digest highlights the major events and news in the world of triathlon. The article focuses on the importance of safety in triathlons and provides two case studies of races with contrasting safety protocols. The key takeaway is that safety should always […]

Don’t Miss the Thrilling Ironman European Championship Frankfurt Battle

When is the Ironman European Championship Who won the Ironman European Championship last year Denis Chevrot of France led four athletes to sub eight-hour times to become last years IRONMAN European Champion on Sunday at IRONMAN Frankfurt. https://www.instagram.com/denischevrot/?hl=en Trifindr’s hot take The Ironman European Championship Frankfurt is always exciting, and this year’s race promises to […]

“Apple Watch Software Updates Revolutionize Tracking for Triathletes and Runners”

Apple Watch for Triathletes Trifindr’s hot take These software updates to the Apple Watch are a game-changer for serious triathletes and runners. With its advanced metrics, customizable data fields, and seamless transition between activities, the Watch is now a top choice for athletes looking for a reliable and comprehensive tracking device. Whether you’re training for […]

Weekend Swim Workout: Star-Spangled Swim Set | Celebrate the 4th of July with a Patriotic Swim Routine

Weekend Swim Workout: Star-Spangled Swim Set Main Points: Trifindr’s hot take: This swim workout is a fun and creative way to celebrate Independence Day while staying active and improving your swimming skills. Incorporating American-themed elements into the workout, such as naming the intervals after famous landmarks, adds a sense of patriotism to the training session. […]

Improve Swim Fitness and Times with Effective Sprint Workouts and Interval Training

Summary Summary Trifindr’s hot take: Swimming fast requires incorporating sprint workouts into your training regimen. Interval training and various sprint sets are effective ways to improve swim fitness and times. However, it’s important to remember that rest and recovery are just as crucial for preventing injury and maximizing performance. So, if you’re looking to swim […]

Defying Age: Inspirational Stories of Triathlete Success

Triathlete Success at Any Age Trifindr’s hot take This article highlights the incredible achievements of athletes over the age of 46 in the world of triathlon. It serves as a reminder that age should not be a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing our athletic goals. With dedication, perseverance, and a positive mindset, we […]

Develop a Personalized Hydration Strategy for Ironman and Long-Distance Races

What is Hydration? Hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhaling, and eliminating waste. On average, the body loses and needs to replace about 2-3 quarts of water daily. Luckily, many foods we eat are composed mostly of water. Foods with high water content include greens and most fruits and vegetables. Summary of […]

Record-Setting Performances by Daniela Ryf and Magnus Ditlev at Challenge Roth: Inspiring Triathlon History

Challenge Roth Record-Setting Performances Trifindr’s hot take:The record-setting performances by Daniela Ryf and Magnus Ditlev at Challenge Roth have cemented their places in triathlon history. These incredible achievements solidify their legacies and raise the bar for future athletes. It will be exciting to see how these records shape the training and competitiveness within the sport, […]