The Importance of Understanding Run Fitness Decline and How to Bounce Back

Run Fitness Decline and What to do about it Trifindr’s hot take: While it’s important to take breaks and allow time for injury rehabilitation, it’s also vital to understand the potential impact on run fitness. Taking even a few days off can lead to declines in cardiovascular fitness and running economy. However, with consistent training […]

Rachel McBride: The Purple Tiger Making Waves in Triathlon

Rachel McBride Trifindr’s hot take: Rach McBride, also known as the “Purple Tiger,” is making waves in the world of triathlon. After a successful year in 2022, McBride continues to impress with top professional results in 2023. Her strong performances not only showcase her talent but also serve as an inspiration to other Canadian athletes. […]

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Session for Triathletes

Weekend Swim Workout: Open-Water Swimming Trifindr’s hot take: Coach Sara McLarty’s open-water swim workout provides a structured and comprehensive session for triathletes. By incorporating warm-up exercises, swim drills, and a main set, athletes can improve their open-water skills, including sighting, buoy turns, and swimming in a straight line. The specific instructions and variations make it […]

Ask a Gear Guru: How to Carry Water While Running

How Should I Carry Water While Running? Trifindr’s hot take: Finding a way to carry water while running is essential for staying hydrated during your workouts. With the wide range of options available today, you can find a method that suits your preferences and needs. Whether it’s a handheld bottle, a hydration belt, a vest, […]

Ironman CEO Andrew Messick Announces Retirement: A Look Back at His Impact on the Triathlon Industry

Ironman CEO Andrew Messick Announces Retirement Ironman’s Growth and Expansion: During his time as CEO, Messick was instrumental in the growth and expansion of Ironman. The organization introduced new races in different parts of the globe, catering to the increasing popularity and demand for triathlons. These races not only provided opportunities for athletes to participate […]

The Hidden Factor Behind Consistent Easy Run Pace

The Hidden Factor That Explains Easy Run Pace Trifindr’s hot take: The research highlighting the hidden factor of a consistent easy run pace across distances sheds light on an interesting aspect of running. It suggests that our bodies naturally adapt to find a comfortable pace that is independent of the distance. While this may seem […]

Deciding When to Step Up in Distance in Triathlon: A Personal Choice and Consideration of Factors

Key considerations Trifindr’s hot take: Deciding when to step up in distance in triathlon is a personal choice that should be based on your own goals, motivation, and readiness. There is no set rule or requirement for when to make the jump. Factors such as training volume, experience, and physical and mental preparedness should be […]

Triathlon Triumph: Sarah True’s Persistence Pays Off in Frankfurt Ironman Race

Sarah True Trifindr’s hot take: It’s inspiring to see athletes like Sarah True never giving up and continuing to push themselves until they achieve their goals. Jan Frodeno’s win also demonstrates the importance of perseverance in the face of tough competition. Triathlon is a challenging sport that requires physical endurance and mental strength, and these […]

The Truth About Triathlon World Records: Debunking Myths and Setting Personal Goals

Triathlon World Records Triathlon World Records in Numbers Category Record Holder(s) Men’s Ironman Fastest Ironman race time Jan Frodeno (7:35:39, 2019) Fastest Ironman 70.3 race time Kristian Blummenfelt (3:29:04, 2021) Women’s Ironman Fastest Ironman race time Daniela Ryf (7:35:39, 2023) Fastest Ironman 70.3 race time Holly Lawrence (3:55:50, 2017) Olympic Distance Fastest Olympic distance triathlon […]

Introducing the Solo .5 Category: A New Challenge in the Canada Man/Woman Triathlon

Canada Man/Woman Triathlon Solo .5 Trifindr’s hot take:Introducing the Solo .5 category in the Canada Man/Woman triathlon opens up the event to a wider range of participants. Although it is a scaled-down version, it still poses a significant challenge to athletes. Triathlon Magazine Canada’s coverage offers a detailed insight into the event, allowing readers to […]